30 Jan 2015

My Destiny ~ MissA

I still remember his last word for me "Kalau itu yang sayang nk..ok kita putus".Just that you can say after you had given me love and hope.How can i be with you if  u never stop lying me about that girl.You say you will love me only.Just me.You always say im your heart,im your life..Now you just let me go like that..I just need you to be sincere with me..Just that i need.You had ruin my life.My heart already broken...Luckily there is a guy that make my life meaningfull back..He give me support...He give me his love..He give his life...He sacrifice everything and he still standing beside me right now...He can accept me as who i am...We already set date for our engagement..I hope we will be together untill the end of our life...I <3 u MA...

Writer MissA,
Shah Alam, Selangor.

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