16 Dec 2014

ill be fine if by changes :') insyaallah ~ LadyBoss

Dear mr.criminal i miss you so bad. 3 years 11 months 15 days :) its to short for you? im sorry. i know its my false. im hard headed! but did chu knw y bae? its cause i love you damn much bae. i knw you hate it but honestly im just wanna your attention. get it? i miss de old moment of us. you always b my side in whatever condition. sang for me before i get for sleep, spend a time together, my good listener, lending ur shoulder whn im down. ohhmy! it cant b create here but it ill never can b erased in my mind. if i could taught you tht im really really miss n really really need chu rite nw bae but i knw its means nothin for you. anyway, if its a fate, we cant do anything. so here. im gonna to tell you tht whatever you had done ill never stop loving you bae cause u r de one whose understand me well. im stupid for letting you go n nw im de one who need to face it alone. 

'bae, if only you knw tht i love you much. ill always pray for you. your happiness is my everything. forget me its up to you but for me its NEVER.' 30nov2011 till 15nov2014 .


By LadyBoss

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